Who I am

I am a young violinist from Linz, Austria.
I started taking violin-lessons when I was four years old and I take lessons to the present day. Over the years, my violin has become one of my dearest friends and it is my dream to show the world that this instrument is so much more than just a classical instrument.

Notwithstanding the many ups and downs I went through in the past, I have met many people along my way who motivated me and helped me to move forward with my artistic plans.

I perform at weddings and talent shows, but also at balls and various other events and hope to be able to share my music wherever I go.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Meet My Music Producer:

Pascal Mo

Ever since June 2018, I produce my music in collaboration with Pascal,
also known as TheSonicSeed.
He does some absolutely amazing stuff and really has a flair for
finding the right sounds to enhance my compositions.

Check out his music here:


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MUSICAL Platforms

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