UPDATE: Debut album New Beginnings

So much has happened in the past few months!
I am so sorry that I didn’t manage to publish my album at the end of the summer as initially planned and hoped. BUT: Here are some updates.

1. ATS Records will publish my album
I was lucky enough to find a record label that will publish my album. Since I hadn’t expected to be so lucky and because I thought I would have to upload my music to several platforms myself and try to find ways to make and distribute CDs, this changed a LOT in my plans. ATS Records has helped my music producer and me immensely in terms of mastering and adding many necessary finishing touches to the music as well as in terms of getting everything ready for the final publication as a CD. That included lots and lots of work on the graphics, the layout and the booklet for the CD and that, again, was very time-consuming.

2. New Beginnings will be available on streaming platforms soon
Yes, soon. The date that I keep referring to. I’m afraid I just can’t tell when exactly, but I sincerely hope my music will be on Spotify, Apple Music and the like within the next 1-2 weeks.

3. New Beginnings will be published in early 2019
As many of you know, I am currently in London for a few months. As soon as I am back home in Austria in January, I will do everything that is necessary for the final publication of my debut album. New Beginnings will then be available FOR SALE (not just for streaming) and you’ll be able to buy the actual CD and to download my music.

Until then, stay tuned! Don’t give up on me. Believe me, I am always the first one who is frustrated about things taking longer than planned. But hey — GOOD things take time. ;)

Lots of love
Kirstie Elen

Sneak peek of my album cover

Sneak peek of my album cover