New Music Video: Edge of the Light

I published my first music video to one of my own songs today! It is such an amazing privilege to be able to visualise my own music.

When I compose, I often have certain pictures in mind and when “Edge of the Light” came into being, this was no exception. The first picture I came up with was a fantasy figure in a cape, walking through a forest illuminated by a soft twilight. To me the title is closely connected to the idea of faith - because when you have to have faith, it is like stepping towards the edge of the light and trusting in whatever comes next (what comes beyond the edge). Now, the title does not only correspond with the music but also with breath-taking pictures of sunrise and sunset. What started as an idea is now a beautiful composition orchestral music and epic visuals.

Filming this video was so much fun. My brother filmed and edited everything, we got up early in the morning to capture the sunrise and filmed again in the afternoon to catch the sunset for all the violin takes. Since I wasnt exactly clothed appropriately warm in my costume for the latter, I was freezing in the wind - we only had -7°C! My fingers were absolutely numb and really hurt from the cold. BUT - it was all worth it for these amazing takes.

Anyway, enough talking - I hope you enjoy the video.

Lots of love,
Kirstie Elen