Chase: Official Music Video

The second official music video to an original song from my album "New Beginnings" is online!

“Chase” is a piece on my album whose meaning goes very deep. The first time I recorded the idea for its main theme was on the 20th of November 2014. I called it “Chase” simply because its speed reminded me of running. What started as an idea more than four years ago is now a song with the representation of my main purpose: to show people that they should never stop chasing their dreams.

This music video shows some of my music-related journey. I started playing the violin when I was four years old and was so lucky to be taught by the most amazing violin teacher Elena, who soon got to be very close to my heart (as many of you already know, she is the reason why my stage name is Kirstie “Elen” and why my violins are called “Elena” and “Ileyna”). She died when I was 11 and what followed were years in which I really struggled. I was close to quitting because I was unhappy with the teachers who taught me in my teens. I didn’t enjoy classical music at all, I sucked (and I still do) at reading sheet music and I completely lost my passion for playing the violin.

It wasn’t until 2012 that I first saw Lindsey Stirling’s music video of “Crystallize” and that I found a new violin teacher, Marcus Wall (who still teaches me today). I taught myself many of Lindsey Stirling’s pieces by ear and playing along to electronic beats reignited the love I had for my instrument. I also bought my electric violin that year and with performing electronic songs at smaller events, I gradually found my own style. I realised that I had a dream: I wanted to be a professional violinist one day and I wanted to show the world (preferably with my own music) that the violin can do more than play Mozart and Vivaldi.

It still took several more years before I was finally able to produce my own music, but I never gave up searching for opportunities, recording studios, and music producers and I continually collected recordings of my composition ideas.

And guess what! It was all worth it! I met a music producer (the best, at that!) last year and I released my first album with original music this January.

Dear whoever is reading this: Don’t stop chasing your dream! Never give up.

We filmed “Chase” in my home (yes, that is my room!), my home town Linz and at (and close to) the Traun lake in Upper Austria. I keep being stunned by the beauty of my home country!

I was honoured to work together with Hannah Grünauer and Balazs Kiss who produced this music video for and with me. Hannah is an enormously talented cinematographer and artist and worked together with Balazs, who is an absolutely amazing photographer. I am so grateful to be able to call them my friends, they really helped me to visualise my ideas and contributed more than I can explain. Please support them!


I hope you enjoy the video!

Lots of love,

Kirstie Elen